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Pancake & Booze ATLANTA 2023

OK, well let’s start the year off with such an amusing pairing. I love everything about this event from the DJ to the Venue. It is a totally recharged showcase of the arts.

So many things on display. Clothing, Jewelry, Paintings, Sculptures and even Gourmet Popcorn! Like are kidding me! The atmosphere is so electrifying. I always meet interesting and truly creative people here.

Oh wait yes, The Pancakes, The Booze, freshly made batter with sweet toppings. Fully stocked bar from what I saw. (I’am smiling about this) Long lines for both, but don’t be discouraged the service is just as sweet.

Major shoutout to the Event’s Staff! They were amazing and handled not only the artists but also the patrons swiftly and very friendly.

My part in this of course was BODYPAINT. Maybe we should let the patrons assist in the creation next time, Yeah that would be really neat. Alright ,Alright checkout a little of what you missed.

If you attended please tag me on IG & Facebook and share links and/or websites as I couldn’t get around to all of the booth and displays.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Pancake and Booze – Atlanta

Pancake and Booze Art Show

Hello!, yes it was another wonderful evening at #PancakeandBooze. If you haven’t attending one you are missing out. It is an evening of Original artwork, Handmade jewelry, Clothing, Live Bodypainting, Pancake, Booze, Mingling, Dancing and soo much more.

This a traveling event, which takes place in such locations as Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and New Orleans just to name a few. It is such an awesome display or creativity and imagination in full color. Its for the Single, Date night, Girls Night Out or Boys Night out.

I know enough of the chatter, see the part that I added to event, lol Also check out a few of the artists that participated.

Instagram: @eric101

Instagram :@bellgee1

Instagram: @Miyonidesigns

Instagram: @geaux_naturalle

Instagram: @inspiralartatl

Flip The Senate Poll

Yesterday was an amazing day in Georgia. The weather was surprisingly warm even with a touch of overcast. The Clayton County “Flip the Senate” rally was a success. It was informative. It was fun. It was entertaining. But most importantly it was people coming together as one to accomplish something great.

The event was hosted by American journalist and tv personality Roland Martin and Atlanta V103 radio station top host and dj Gregg Street and cast from the HBO but show “The Wire”. (Michael B. Jordan is on the flyer only)

A powerful speech was given by Daniel Blackmon in the importance of voting and what is at stake. He is running for Georgia Public Service Commission District 4 on January 5, 2021.

Food benders in attendance was amazing and did mention it was Free. Salmon Philly, to One night stands.

Local Green Atlanta.

Slutty Began.

The entertainment was colorful and well rounded. Performers were as follows:

Poet Queen Sheba.

Algebra Blessett.

Al Smith Jam Session.

APS All-star percussion


Educate yourself on your choices, then choose whose is closest to your views and values.



Problem Child Live, Skinny Banton Live Atlanta

It’s the Most wonderful time of the year. And with that comes Cheer, goodwill, sweet treats and sometimes presents. Well i didn’t get much of this from a gift to myself on Saturday night. 

Lately in Hotlanta promoters, dj’s and artist have been trying to ease the sadness of no carnivals by bringing shows to the people. Saturday night was themed Naughty or Nice. Red if your Naughty, White if your Nice and Green if your both. ( I didn’t see much of the theme in the club, total let down) the 2 artist for the night Problem Child and Skinny Banton. I hadn’t seen either before so I must admit that my expectations were high as the last artist shows that I attended were Full of VIBES.

Let me set the scene. I myself had an event that night and left from there arriving at 12:30. Please be advise that the this lounge closes at 3 AM and the artist don’t usually perform until around 1 AM.

I am not sure of whom I should be angry with! At 1 am, nothing, 1; 20 am, still the dj’s, 1;46 am like seriously now mon!. At this point it means you’re not getting a show but a snippet, preview, little bit, nothing much, etc. A little after 2 am the 1 performer comes on. Already know that this performance want be hype because of his attire. He begins, then stops talks to the crowd. Holds the mic the crowd for a few songs- Didn’t we pay for you to perform?  He speaks back to the crowd, says I gotta catch my flight and left the stage. Maybe a total of 25 minutes.

Ill Say 2:39 am the next perform hits the stage. Feels like good energy and stage presence when they ran out. That’s about it Does the same thing as the previous performer but drops the mic when he left the stage. And he didn’t even sing one of his new songs which so desperately wanted to hear. Before his performance ended the lights came on in the building signaling “You don’t have to go home, but you have to get the Hell out of here” and everyone seemed to be in shock like that its. Ladies and Gentleman’s…Yes

Did the promoters agree to such short performance times?

Did the drivers get the artist to the event late?

Was the planes late?

Did anyone say there isn’t a carnival so ill bring the best show?

Are you trying to grow or shrink your fan base?

Where were the dancers or hype men or fireworks or something to add pizazz and buzz worthy comments for social media?

Maybe it’s just me, well check it out…..

Motto Live in Atlanta

It was a spirited night in Atlanta st Bliss Lounge. Normally patrons flock to Miami Carnival for Columbus Day weekend, but due to COVID-19 there haven’t been any carnivals. Except for TRINIDAD!

But the cure has been pop up fetes, jouverts and concetts. Which is greatly appreciated and needed.

Last night was no exception. Motto brought high energy , wukkup and Shots. Despite the Atlanta forecast of pouring rain and tornado warnings, it was a pretty good turnout. As well as Bajan artist Empress J! Instagram- @empressjmusic

Empress J is such a vibrant, beautiful artist. She definitely came to make her mark. Her outfit was sexy, She was Life and can whine up. Yes I had know idea she was performing. I had the pleasure of meeting her via virtual carnival and the Empress is just as sweet in person.

Motto of course performed some of his hits like “Big Ride”, “Break ah branch” &” Shots”. Unexpectedly and delightfully he paid homage and played other artist songs which sent the crowd into frenzy. Instagram- @motto_ilovesoca

If you get an opportunity to go see them, Do So!

But enough already check out some of the highlights. Keep in mind I may have been a little tipsy!

Passion in Autumn📷

The leaves are transforming into beautiful lush colors of Squash yellow. Radiant red, Oh Yes Orange and my favorite Beautiful Browns!

Mmmm, smell that fresh, crisp Autumn air!

Fall harvest are becoming ripe.

Football Season has begun

Flowers of fall are starting to bloom

And morning dew will now appear.

Enough stalling, lol. This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with Craig Sims! I had an absolute blast with this one. I think that some beautiful shots were captured. What do you think?💋

I called these Passion in Autumn!

Mr. Killa Live Atlanta, GA

Greetings all sooooo last night I just had to see

It was the Most Awesome, Astonishing, Majestic show that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in awhile. This man is a performer to his heart. He interacts with the crowd, he comes down into the crowd, he entertains the crowd!!!!!

I wasn’t ready, I thought, but Allayuh know me… I was beyond READY…… If you haven’t or don’t know his music. I beg of you to get familiar and get a bang out of life lol.

With tunes as follows: “Run Wid it”,  “Rolly Polly”, “Party Bad”, “Cock It Up”, “Advantage” and my favorite “Oil It”.

I see why Mr. Killa is the 2019 International Soca Monarch. This is well deserved in my opinion. I already cannot wait to see him again.

Also special thanks to:  and

for starting the vibes before the performance. Soca is life and the featured DJ’s served it.

Enough talk checkout some of the Action!

Ready to Whine:


IG: Fiya360






Jacksonville Caribbean Carnival 2019

Hello alll, yes I had another wonderful Carnival experience!

This time it was Jacksonville Caribbean festival. Where do l began. This place is beautiful, the people are so hospitable, and the food. You must visit when you can.

Now about the Carnival. I played with Pandoras Boxx Mas and let me tell you, the vibes were high, gorgeous masqueraders, sexy costumes, handsome DJ’s and madness! I

It was beyond HOT, however it was worth it. The spectators participated, photographers captured the spirit of Carnival and the Festival village at the end of the parade wher e everyone came together!!!! And Patrice Roberts performed. This carnival will only get bigger and better!

Make plans for 2020

Charlotte Caribbean Carnival 2019

Where should i began! This was the return of Carnival to Charlotte, NC also known as CharLit. First of its the Queen city (Queen Charlotte was Black). Secondly it’s gorgeous there and third it was time.img_8777
There was a Caribbean queen paegent, Jouvert, Fetes every night the whole week and if course the parade.
The turnout was so great that by Monday they released the dates for Charlotte Caribbean Carnival 2020!
It was such a pleasure to see and participate in this wonderful celebration. So if you missed it be sure to set your calendar for next year. As I’m sure it will only get bigger and brtter!



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