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Pancake & Booze ATLANTA 2023

OK, well let’s start the year off with such an amusing pairing. I love everything about this event from the DJ to the Venue. It is a totally recharged showcase of the arts.

So many things on display. Clothing, Jewelry, Paintings, Sculptures and even Gourmet Popcorn! Like are kidding me! The atmosphere is so electrifying. I always meet interesting and truly creative people here.

Oh wait yes, The Pancakes, The Booze, freshly made batter with sweet toppings. Fully stocked bar from what I saw. (I’am smiling about this) Long lines for both, but don’t be discouraged the service is just as sweet.

Major shoutout to the Event’s Staff! They were amazing and handled not only the artists but also the patrons swiftly and very friendly.

My part in this of course was BODYPAINT. Maybe we should let the patrons assist in the creation next time, Yeah that would be really neat. Alright ,Alright checkout a little of what you missed.

If you attended please tag me on IG & Facebook and share links and/or websites as I couldn’t get around to all of the booth and displays.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou


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