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Flip The Senate Poll

Yesterday was an amazing day in Georgia. The weather was surprisingly warm even with a touch of overcast. The Clayton County “Flip the Senate” rally was a success. It was informative. It was fun. It was entertaining. But most importantly it was people coming together as one to accomplish something great.

The event was hosted by American journalist and tv personality Roland Martin and Atlanta V103 radio station top host and dj Gregg Street and cast from the HBO but show “The Wire”. (Michael B. Jordan is on the flyer only)

A powerful speech was given by Daniel Blackmon in the importance of voting and what is at stake. He is running for Georgia Public Service Commission District 4 on January 5, 2021.

Food benders in attendance was amazing and did mention it was Free. Salmon Philly, to One night stands.

Local Green Atlanta.

Slutty Began.

The entertainment was colorful and well rounded. Performers were as follows:

Poet Queen Sheba.

Algebra Blessett.

Al Smith Jam Session.

APS All-star percussion


Educate yourself on your choices, then choose whose is closest to your views and values.



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