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Problem Child Live, Skinny Banton Live Atlanta

It’s the Most wonderful time of the year. And with that comes Cheer, goodwill, sweet treats and sometimes presents. Well i didn’t get much of this from a gift to myself on Saturday night. 

Lately in Hotlanta promoters, dj’s and artist have been trying to ease the sadness of no carnivals by bringing shows to the people. Saturday night was themed Naughty or Nice. Red if your Naughty, White if your Nice and Green if your both. ( I didn’t see much of the theme in the club, total let down) the 2 artist for the night Problem Child and Skinny Banton. I hadn’t seen either before so I must admit that my expectations were high as the last artist shows that I attended were Full of VIBES.

Let me set the scene. I myself had an event that night and left from there arriving at 12:30. Please be advise that the this lounge closes at 3 AM and the artist don’t usually perform until around 1 AM.

I am not sure of whom I should be angry with! At 1 am, nothing, 1; 20 am, still the dj’s, 1;46 am like seriously now mon!. At this point it means you’re not getting a show but a snippet, preview, little bit, nothing much, etc. A little after 2 am the 1 performer comes on. Already know that this performance want be hype because of his attire. He begins, then stops talks to the crowd. Holds the mic the crowd for a few songs- Didn’t we pay for you to perform?  He speaks back to the crowd, says I gotta catch my flight and left the stage. Maybe a total of 25 minutes.

Ill Say 2:39 am the next perform hits the stage. Feels like good energy and stage presence when they ran out. That’s about it Does the same thing as the previous performer but drops the mic when he left the stage. And he didn’t even sing one of his new songs which so desperately wanted to hear. Before his performance ended the lights came on in the building signaling “You don’t have to go home, but you have to get the Hell out of here” and everyone seemed to be in shock like that its. Ladies and Gentleman’s…Yes

Did the promoters agree to such short performance times?

Did the drivers get the artist to the event late?

Was the planes late?

Did anyone say there isn’t a carnival so ill bring the best show?

Are you trying to grow or shrink your fan base?

Where were the dancers or hype men or fireworks or something to add pizazz and buzz worthy comments for social media?

Maybe it’s just me, well check it out…..

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