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Motto Live in Atlanta

It was a spirited night in Atlanta st Bliss Lounge. Normally patrons flock to Miami Carnival for Columbus Day weekend, but due to COVID-19 there haven’t been any carnivals. Except for TRINIDAD!

But the cure has been pop up fetes, jouverts and concetts. Which is greatly appreciated and needed.

Last night was no exception. Motto brought high energy , wukkup and Shots. Despite the Atlanta forecast of pouring rain and tornado warnings, it was a pretty good turnout. As well as Bajan artist Empress J! Instagram- @empressjmusic

Empress J is such a vibrant, beautiful artist. She definitely came to make her mark. Her outfit was sexy, She was Life and can whine up. Yes I had know idea she was performing. I had the pleasure of meeting her via virtual carnival and the Empress is just as sweet in person.

Motto of course performed some of his hits like “Big Ride”, “Break ah branch” &” Shots”. Unexpectedly and delightfully he paid homage and played other artist songs which sent the crowd into frenzy. Instagram- @motto_ilovesoca

If you get an opportunity to go see them, Do So!

But enough already check out some of the highlights. Keep in mind I may have been a little tipsy!

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