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Mr. Killa Live Atlanta, GA

Greetings all sooooo last night I just had to see

It was the Most Awesome, Astonishing, Majestic show that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in awhile. This man is a performer to his heart. He interacts with the crowd, he comes down into the crowd, he entertains the crowd!!!!!

I wasn’t ready, I thought, but Allayuh know me… I was beyond READY…… If you haven’t or don’t know his music. I beg of you to get familiar and get a bang out of life lol.

With tunes as follows: “Run Wid it”,  “Rolly Polly”, “Party Bad”, “Cock It Up”, “Advantage” and my favorite “Oil It”.

I see why Mr. Killa is the 2019 International Soca Monarch. This is well deserved in my opinion. I already cannot wait to see him again.

Also special thanks to:  and

for starting the vibes before the performance. Soca is life and the featured DJ’s served it.

Enough talk checkout some of the Action!

Ready to Whine:


IG: Fiya360






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